Work From Anywhere with GoTo Meeting & Duotone

Being pragmatic and flexible when it comes to your working environment is key, particularly this year when many of us have to adapt to alternative office or classroom environments. GoToMeeting is an online meeting, desktop sharing and video conferencing software package, built to simplify the way people interact.

GoToMeeting empowers those working or learning from home, providing all the tools needed to work with others seamlessly and virtually, from anywhere that has a stable internet connection.

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GoTo Meeting for Business

Choosing GoToMeeting for your business boasts a whole wealth of benefits. Here are a few key points that demonstrate why GoToMeeting is the ideal solution for a business passionate about offering flawless working from home solutions:

  • GoToMeeting uses 20% less bandwidth compared to others in the market, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • The most popular GoToMeeting package allows up to 25 video calls, with up to 250 participants — without compromising on call quality
  • GoToMeeting can be used on all devices, making it user-friendly for all departments
  • Calls can be recorded and saved for future watching

GoToMeeting for Education

GoToMeeting is set-up not only with businesses in mind but the education industry, too. GoToMeeting is a popular choice for school, colleges and universities for many reasons:

  • GoToMeeting is the perfect solution for remote parent and teacher meetings, with video and screen sharing capabilities
  • With GoToMeeting, you’re able to teach remotely live, and record simultaneously, meaning that classes can be saved and distributed around for pupils to watch in the future for revision purposes
  • GoToMeeting works on all different devices, so will be equipped to work with your work-from-home set-up

Duotone offer GoToMeeting solutions for all different businesses and educational institutions, with a range of different plans available to suit teams of all sizes.

Start using GoToMeeting now by contacting the Duotone team. We’ll be on hand to provide business-grade support, technical support and pricing support for your GoToMeeting package.


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