Plan and Present from Anywhere with GoToWebinar

As the world continues navigating through the pandemic, gone are the days of having to catch a costly (and often exhausting!) flight to attend a business meeting, or having to rub shoulder-to-shoulder with your peers in a stuffy convention room to listen to key-talks or seminars. Summits are transitioning to webinars — online web conferencing whereby people from all over the world can tune in from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

GoToWebinar is the market leader when it comes to meeting solutions, used by thousands of businesses and sole proprietors to create and deliver online and video conferences with colleagues, customers and the general public. GoToWebinar erases the hassle of organising an online conference, with fewer steps and a simple, user-friendly interface meaning that anybody can log-in and go live.

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GoTo Webinar Packages

Everything required to flawlessly host a webinar is including in your GoToWebinar package:

● Quick and easy virtual event management, meaning less pressure on the organiser

● Data on attendees and performance, perfect to monitor the success of the conference

● Videos, polls GoToStage sharing and more to boost engagement and keep spectators engaged

● Automatic email invitations, confirmations and reminders — one less thing on your plate!

GoTo Webinar Pricing

Additionally, GoToMeeting has a staggered pricing system which means it’s suitable for any size business and fully scalable. Moreover, GoToMeeting offers both monthly and annual billing, with a 20% discount on the annual billing option. GoToMeeting’s Plus plan allows up to 1,000 participants join a webinar — meaning you can host your own large-scale business conference right from your house.

Begin hosting safe, cost-effective conferences now by implementing GoToMeeting. Perfect for your 2021 marketing, training and internal communication plans.

Start using GoToWebinar now by contacting the Duotone team. We’ll be on hand to provide business-grade support, technical support and pricing support for your GoToWebinar package.


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