Digital signage is an incredibly versatile audio-visual solution that encompasses video walls, interactive displays, live-feed screens and many more products. It’s likely you’ve encountered this signage at places such as hotels, colleges and bars. Used across such a wide range of industries, this signage is regarded to be one of the best ways to command attention

There are many benefits to implementing digital signage. You’re able to easily update displays and show live, real-time information. The ability to continuously change what’s displayed on your signage gives the product a long life, with an infinite amount of uses.

Digital signage allows you to use video content to attract attention, or looping animations to keep watchers engaged with the screen. It gives that wow factor to advertisements and is renowned for attracting attention. Whilst also being pleasing to look at, it is reliable when it comes to displaying important information, hence the vast usage of this signage in places like hospitals and airports.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, digital signage can be used to depict a wide variety of messages. This is most commonly used to display room schedules, food menus, street-facing advertisements and updates or information on travel or timetables. The adaptability of this signage makes it one of the most popular audio-visual solutions for Duotone customers.

The catalogue of digital signage is ever-expanding, with products supplied by top names such as Samsung and LG. Experts in their field, the Duotone signage engineers are on-hand to recommend the solution that’s best suited to your requirements and budget.

Implementing this signage has never been more accessibly, with the help of Duotone. Receive expert care when it comes to choosing and purchasing your signage solution, and have the installation taken care of by our engineers. Be ready to use your new digital signage from the get-go, with training and support available from the Duotone team.

Whether you need an advertising solution, some eye catching signage or you just want that wow factor, we have the Digital Signage solution for you.

Indoor Signage

Most commonly used to display;

  • Updates or events information
  • In-house advertisement
  • Way-to signs
  • Room schedules
  • Digital food menus
  • RSS feeds, weather and other information
  • Street-facing advertisement
  • Airport information