Digital signage can be found in various forms. The most common forms are video walls, indoor signage and outdoor signage. Look out for these signs in hotels, hospitals, bars, airports, schools, colleges and businesses. Contact us today for a quote or consultation.

Bars sometimes use signage solutions or outdoor televisions to show sports and also advertisement.  Airports have a need for 24-hour reliable signage to display live flight information. Shopping Centres may use projection or video walls to give that wow factor when advertising. There are so many applications for signage solutions in businesses, including yours.

Whether you need an advertising solution, some eye catching signage or you just want that wow factor, we have the Digital Signage solution for you.

Indoor Signage

Most commonly used to display;

  • Updates or events information
  • In-house advertisement
  • Way-to signs
  • Room schedules
  • Digital food menus
  • RSS feeds, weather and other information
  • Street-facing advertisement
  • Airport information