These Interactive whiteboards or Interactive displays feature an interactive touch screen for ease and functionality. Furthermore, with stunning 4K UHD resolution.

Samsung Flip 3 transforms the classroom through interactive learning experiences, giving educators the resources needed to create effective and modern lessons. With more software and connectivity options, and intuitive interaction features, Flip 3 creates engaging learning environments.

Advanced touchscreen technology

Ideate and create with interactive touchscreen technology. Sketch out ideas with swift drawing speed of just 34ms of latency, or paint with real-world accuracy via 2,048 distinct pressure levels built directly into the display.

Shatterproof protection

Samsung understands that accidents happen. To protect students and educators, the Flip 3 screen is wrapped in a proprietary shatterproof film, ensuring the screen stays intact in the event of a break.

Interactive Whiteboards provide an immersive experience for users. Promethean’s new ActivPanel series has moved on from infra-red providing in-glass touch technology. Connect to the ever-expanding world of educational apps. This powerful performance enables teachers and students to collaborate with ease.

Now included on every ActivPanel 9

  • Create and deliver captivating lessons with one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful whiteboard apps available.
  • Engage students with a wide variety of content and resources directly from your panel, including customizable templates, Unsplash imagery, YouTube videos, browsers, clipart, and more.
  • Import multiple file types directly into the whiteboard, where you can enhance and manipulate them in real time.
  • Enjoy interoperability with other Promethean ActivPanel 9 apps and tools, such as Spinner, Timer, Screen Capture, and Screen Recording.
  • Customize as much content as your students need with infinite space and unlimited slides in each project.
  • Create lessons from an Explain Everything web account and transfer them to the Explain Everything Whiteboard using Cloud Connect or with ActivSync (ActivPanel 9 Premium only).

People need a whiteboard platform to solve real problems. myViewboard creates a personal yet social whiteboarding experience that is cloud service integrated, highly secured, and multi-functional.

  • ULTRA HD RESOLUTION: 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160p) interactive display
  • ADVANCED TOUCH: 33-point multi-touch lets users write on the display with their fingers and stylus pens
  • INTEGRATED SOFTWARE: The myViewBoard suite includes Whiteboard, ViewBoard Cast, and more for better engagement
  • BETTER SOUND: Built-in beamforming microphone and 45W stereo soundbar delivers optimal sound
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: Powerful quad-core processor and versatile connectivity options (HDMI,VGA, RJ45, and USB-C ports)
  • REMOTE MANAGEMENT: Schedule updates and monitor device status with the built-in myViewBoard® Manager software
  • PEACE OF MIND: Industry-leading 3-year standard warranty with optional extensions and robust support services
  • Upgradable to Android 11

The TE7512MIS-B3AG is an exceptional 4K UHD interactive display designed by iiyama to enhance collaboration, communication, and engagement. With key features like Zero Airgap LCD screen eliminating parallax, accurate PureTouch-IR, iiWare 10 with Android 11, Wifi, and the iiyama DMS (Device management System), this display transforms the way you engage with content, making it an indispensable tool for modern workspaces and educational settings.

Boasting a new 4K Interface with User Profiles for simple login and access to your very own bespoke application and Cloud Drives or harmonize with your existing estate and unleash the true power of Windows and Office applications. iiyama TE7512MIS-B3AG becomes a highly personalised & flexible device within a busy hybrid environment for multiple users.

Share wirelessly more easily than ever before with iiyama Share and EShare app, bringing effortless ideation and efficient collaboration in your enterprise or school. This affordable display transforms the modern workplaces, educational institutions, dynamic meeting spaces and beyond. Elevate your interactive experience with the iiyama TE12 SERIES displays and embrace the future of visual communication.

The Dahua DeepHub Pro Series are powerful digital whiteboards designed to meet the daily needs of collaboration in different industries. The series offers powerful AI features, including handwriting recognition and gesture control. It also supports Voice Tracking and Auto Framing for remote teaching and meeting scenarios. With its multi-core SoC, the Pro Series delivers advanced performance and efficient computing capabilities.

  • Powerful AI Functions
  • Handwriting Recognition automatically interprets intelligible handwritten texts and graphic inputs. Gestures Control allows easy operation for teachers in any corner of the classroom. Voice Tracking and Auto Framing are suitable for various remote teaching scenarios.
    *Only available on the MC470 and ST470 series
  • Super Performance SoC
  • The SoC offers powerful computing capabilities, multi-core architecture, highly optimized memory management, and support for advanced device performance.  Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards are made up of a large touchscreen monitor combined with an integrated operating system. The operating system provides a user-friendly interface and built-in applications so you can use your display independently without the need for a PC. This technology has been evolving rapidly so now, almost anyone can use these boards without any training.

  • A digital whiteboard for collaborating, teaching and displaying ideas.
  • A web browser to surf the internet
  • File reading software, so you can read files from a USB drive
  • Touch-in port allows you to control any connected computer with the touch display
  • Multiple input ports allow you to connect a wide range of devices. (For example apple TV, webcam, Laptops or PCs, Visualisers and others)

Interactive whiteboards can be used in a meeting room, training room, classroom or at events. There is not always one whiteboard for all situations and hence that is where Duotone come in. We will be able to recommend the right interactive whiteboard to suit your needs.