The Dahua interactive screen DeepHub Pro Series are powerful digital whiteboards designed to meet the daily needs of collaboration in different industries. The series offers powerful AI features, including handwriting recognition and gesture control. It also supports Voice Tracking and Auto Framing for remote teaching and meeting scenarios. With its multi-core SoC, the Pro Series delivers advanced performance and efficient computing capabilities.

Powerful AI Functions

Handwriting Recognition automatically interprets intelligible handwritten texts and graphic inputs. Gestures Control allows easy operation for teachers in any corner of the classroom. Voice Tracking and Auto Framing are suitable for various remote teaching scenarios.
*Only available on the MC470 and ST470 series

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Samsung FLIP 2.0

Dahua LPH


Smart interactive whiteboard

> 65/75/86-inch 4K DLED display with Zero Air Gap technology that delivers a clear image in sharp, vivid colors.

> Wireless screen sharing from multiple devices with an intuitive, easy-to-use system.

> 8 physical front buttons for quick access to functions.

> Multiple ports and front full-featured Type-C supports 65 W charging.

> Smooth writing experience that supports handwriting recognition.

> Quick file sharing by scanning a QR code, with easy file encryption for added privacy and security.

> Switches between Android and Windows, and OPS module is optional.

> Optional USB camera that takes photos in 48 MP resolution.

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