Duotone supply a large variety of projectors to suit all our customers’ needs. Duotone provides all types of projectors from interactive to standard throw to short-throw (ST) and ultra-short-throw (UST). We stock a large array of brands to get the best solutions for our customers.


Epson’s main market to date is in the educational sector and they are leading that market around the world. They have an excellent range of interactive projectors, one great example is the new Epson-EB1470Ui. It has added features such as stream and share functions, including screen mirroring as well as an interactive homescreen and laser light source for long lasting quality. Epson also have a large range of business models such as the EB-108 which has great features such as split screen, auto source search and PC-free Presentation.


Epson Projection

Ben Q

BenQ provide excellent solutions with projectors for home entertainment as well as solutions for education and business, all ranges are easy to maintain and come with a SmartEco power button on the devices. BenQ have a huge range of projectors for home entertainment purposes, a very good example of this is the W11000 which is a 4K UHD home cinema screen. BenQ also provide excellent solutions for educational purposes with interactive projectors. One of the latest models is the new MH856UST, which also has an anti-dust accumulation setup which gives the DLP a longer life, and it has the capability of a 120” projection screen with both pen and finger sensors.


Sony have a wide range of professional projectors for all needs from laser projectors which have low costs, low hassle and low maintenance to desktop and portable projectors which are excellent for meeting rooms and training suites that are quick start and energy saving. An exceptional example of a laser projector is the new VPL-FHZ75 model which won best of show at INFOCOMM 2019 for its unparallel picture and clarity. The diversity of this model means it can go from a lecture hall to a museum and not look out of place or drop quality.


Hitachi projectors are perfectly diverse for all the needs of a business or education institute with sleek design and easy installation they have exceptional image clarity. The LP-TW4001 is a superb example and is one of the best product Hitachi has to offer, with full interactivity, laser light source accompanied Hitachi starboard and Interactive Pen. Hitachi also offer a brilliant range of portable projectors with the CP-EX303 being one of the best in class coming with a built in speaker, lamp life of up to 6000 hours while also being lightweight and portable and offering brilliant image clarity.


ViewSonic have a great set up for all in one projectors that work in any space, from business to education to home cinema which are portable and double as a great bright room projector an excellent example of this is the PJD7720HD. ViewSonic also offer a great portable solution for in the PX747-4K model which had 4K quality with High Brightness Protector that makes it suitable for both indoors and outdoors once protected, this model doesn’t drop quality when challenged with bright lights or natural lighting.


Optoma have concentrated more on home entertainment that professional use, with a deep selection of projectors to fit any home and take your home cinema or gaming theatre to a new level. With brilliant quality LED technology, cable free projection for 4.5 hours and weighing just 0.4KG the ML750e is the perfect selection for on the move projection with top quality display.


Barco offer excellent DLP projectors for business use with super silent running systems that suit a meeting room, boardroom or brainstorming room without any issue. They’re built to integrate into the environment without being an intrusive piece of technology. Their new F90-4K13 projector has taken this a step further with its 3D ability making it perfect for anything from interactive to theme parks to boardrooms and auditoriums.

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