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Projectors Duotone

Single DLP vs LCD vs Laser

Singe DLP projectors shine a light through a spinning disk of red, green and blue. The disk spins very fast and the colours mix together to produce an image. DLP is an older method of projection. Since the light being sent through the spinning disk, some light gets wasted/blocked; this means that you will not actually get the full brightness from the bulb, (eg. 3000 lumens may only give our 2700 lumens colour).

LCD projectors shine light through three slides or red, green and blue simultaneously. LCD is better that DLP because no light will be lost, (eg. 3000 lumens = 3000 lumens colour).

Laser projectors are a lot brighter compared to standard DLP and LCD projectors. Laser beams are projected onto a screen to create a moving image using mirrors and other optical components. These projectors are used a lot in cinema’s and also outside for advertising (eg. digital signage).

Types of projectors

Long throw

Refers to a distance above 2 meters from the screen. If you have a small hall or large ballroom, this throw distance might be the best for you.


Refers to a distance of 90cm to 2.5 meters from the screen.


This is quickly becoming the most popular method of projection for classrooms and meeting rooms. Ultra-short-throw usually means installation at a distance between a few millimetres to 1 meter from the screen.


This is a light weight projector, designed for portability. Portable projectors are great for on the road demonstrations. If you are sharing a projector between classrooms or meeting rooms, a portable solution can sometimes be the best.


Transform your classroom or training room with these high-performance, network-ready interactive projectors that eliminate the need for a dedicated whiteboard.

Projector Brands

Epson, Panasonic, Benq, Promethean, Sony, NEC, Acer, Dell, Hitachi, ViewSonic and others. If you need an interactive or non-interactive projector solution, we will be able to help you choose the best solution for you. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.