Bus Éireann: Digital Signage

Bus Éireann is a bus and coach operator under the umbrella of the Córas Iompair Éireann (CIE). CIE was founded in 1944 under the Transport Act 1944 and has been operating since, expanding throughout its existence. Bus Éireann operate all around the island of Ireland except for Dublin, this is serviced by their sister company Dublin Bus.

Bus Éireann employs over 2,800 people and continues to build on its tradition of public service and transport expertise to give the people of Ireland a public road transport system. Bus Éireann directly service the 5 major cities of the Republic of Ireland along with town and commuter services. They also offer School Transport and Commercial Services as part of their full and well-rounded service.

The aim for Bus Éireann is to be the most customer-centred and sustainable transport company in Ireland by the year 2023. This is going to be achieved by people who believe Bus Éireann is a great place to work.


Stjepan Coric – Business Systems Executive:

“We developed a great partnership with Duotone and their dedication to our company is evident in all aspects. We appreciate their attention to detail and personal approach. Working with Duotone has been great decision for Bus Eireann, and we would recommend them to everyone.”

Bus Éireann 2023

The Brief:

After delivering several conference solutions for Bus Éireann, they came to us with a problem that they wanted to fix; Their notice boards around Ireland have been neglected and became cluttered over time. The notice boards were not updated properly, quickly or on time. Also, old notices were sometimes left well after the expiry date and it was difficult to tell what news was old or new.

Bus Éireann wanted to improve communications with staff and wanted help to improve business messaging, and to improve communication at a local and national level.

On another note, Bus Éireann were about to launch a campaign informing staff and the public plans to become the most sustainable transport company in Ireland by 2023. Alongside this, they wanted a streamlined and easy way to communicate with staff. Through a few meetings and discussions, we sat and talked through the options available.

Claire Doolin – Internal Communications Associate:

“At Bus Éireann, we wanted to enhance communications locally throughout Ireland and Duotone provided an audio-visual technology solution for us. They listened to our requirements and then worked closely with our IT team to develop and install digital displays in canteens and offices nationwide, to facilitate both corporate and local communications, ensuring our employees are kept up to date with the latest news. They provided training for our local teams to manage content and we found the user interface relatively straight forward and intuitive. Duotone have been extremely professional and provided on-going support to us throughout the process.”

The Idea & Execution

Digital signage was the answer here. Duotone looked at 8 hardware brands and 11 software options. Scala was one of the solutions that Bus Éireann put forward based on some previous experience. As a supplier, Duotone offered free consultation services to look at this as an option for them. All agreed that this was the easiest and most cost-effective way to communicate with staff and passengers. After a tender process, Duotone won the contract. The process had started and involved looking at the design, the budget, the preferred screen dimensions, and site assessments were conducted to see what screen size would suit each location.

The roll-out of the digital signage was done along-side Bus Éireann’s printed graphics supplier ‘THINK’. For example, THINK was in Tralee and Limerick on a Tuesday, and Duotone were there the next day to complete the screen installation.

To ensure the highest quality finish on this project we worked extremely closely with THINK to ensure the screen size lined up with the text and decals.

As the installations were going to take place countrywide it was imperative that we planned all site arrival dates and times. In some cases, the sites needed custom wall mounts as the sites spec’d on an individual basis.


Jonathan Smartt – Founder at THINK

“THINK were delighted to be involved in this exciting Internal Communication project for Bus Éireann. As specialists in large format graphic art installations THINK were very much at home with a job of this size. The project management approach that we apply to all of our work meant that we dovetailed seamlessly into a very tight and exact schedule of works involving client’s facilities managers, decorating contractors and ultimately Duotone’s digital screen installations.”

Bus Éireann 2023

The Result & The Future

Through our efforts, the efforts of the THINK and Scala we managed to create a successful and seamless transition from traditional notice boards to digital notice boards without any hiccups.

Duotone are continuing to work with Bus Éireann on various projects with plans to expand the current digital signage project to the remaining sites. There are a lot of ideas currently on the table for different projects and we cannot wait to get going on them, but we are thankful to have a client who has so much trust in our judgement and expertise.