Looking for Digital Signage for Wayfinding? At Duotone, we produce digital signage that chauffeurs the public to exactly where they need to be, safely, quickly and efficiently. We’ve all felt the dread of visiting a new building: whether it’s a shopping centre spread across multiple floors, a hospital with corridor after corridor or even an office block with a different business through every door. Finding your way around can be disorienting and frustrating, especially when there’s nobody on hand to point you in the right direction.

We’ve come a long way since the ‘YOU ARE HERE’ signs that tend to litter national parks and walkways. In an always-on, always-instant digital culture, we expect to know exactly where we’re going, how long it’ll take us to get there and any other information that’ll help our journey– is there step-free access? Is it wheelchair friendly?

Duotone Wayfinding

If you can’t guarantee a dedicated member of staff to don an always-open, always-available ‘here to help’ kiosk at your location, then digital signage is the perfect option for you. No more confused customers or clients, and more efficient time-management for your staff.

Our freestanding, interactive kiosks require little maintenance, and can be up and running 24/7. Moreover, they offer a long-term solution. Changed the layout of your building? No problem! The Duotone kiosks can be updated on the fly, meaning the information and maps loaded in are always up-to-date.

Increase the efficiency for your property and make visits hassle-free and enjoyable. We have a range of kiosks options available at Duotone, so you can have the perfect design for your location. Preload with all the information your visitors need and enjoy a more streamlined and well-planned experience.

Get in touch with our friendly team at the Duotone office, who will be happy to answer all your questions and provide a no-obligation quote.