Digital Signage Hospitality Industry Signs

With the ever-changing world of advertising and marketing, it may be difficult to make your business stand out among the rest. Traditionally an A-Board and posters in your windows was the way to go. Now however, there are plenty of more creative ways to get in contact with your customers. Duotone supply both indoor or outdoor signage so you can catch the attention of passers-by. High brightness equipment now makes it near impossible for signage not to catch your eye.

Digital Signage Hospitality Industry Signs

Duotone have helped countless clients achieve a new level of interaction with their customer base by providing the best possible Digital Signage on the market. From LED walls to interactive concierge displays in hotels. Digital Signage is the way your company needs to move to stay relevant, whether you like it or not. Duotone has provided one of our customers with the first ever outdoor double-sided mobile display in Europe. Speciality items like these are something we strive to provide our customers with.

Here at Duotone we have countless creative ways to display the information you want to share with the world. When it comes to LED screens, we can create them to display on any surface, in any shape at viewing distances from up to 1 metre away. These LED walls can be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising and be changed remotely with ease and the clarity of quality in which they display is next top of the market.

Interactive Digital Display has also created a new sector for the hospitality industry to delve into. Interactive concierges are becoming more and more present in hotels and conference centres and it is hard to find top venues or hotels without one of these on their premises. In terms of reliability and cost of running they will not be beaten. With updates and alterations completed with the click of a button. Duotone supply a fool proof software with our digital displays that is easy to use and keep track of, making the users like easier and the content updating hassle free.

Here at Duotone we have carefully selected our suppliers so that we get the best quality products available for the most budget friendly prices on the market. We have suppliers and manufacturers worldwide who help provide the best solutions to our customer ’s needs. Contact us today.