Experience the Ultimate in Interactive Technology with Promethean


At Duotone.ie, we partner with Promethean to bring cutting-edge tools to your classroom. Promethean, a leader in edtech for over 25 years, offers innovative solutions that enhance learning experiences.


Why Choose Promethean? Prometheans dedication to excellence ensures you receive the most advanced and reliable technology.


Integrated Edtech Solutions: Promethean provides a suite of integrated solutions, from interactive displays to comprehensive software, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.


Award-Winning ActivPanel: The ActivPanel, Promethean’s flagship product, transforms teaching and learning. It’s more than a display, it’s a tool that fosters collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.


Key Features of Promethean’s ActivPanel: Designed to endure classroom rigours, the ActivPanel is both durable and high-performing.


Seamless Experience: With intuitive integration, Promethean’s technology is easy to use, requiring minimal training.


Secure and Safe: Promethean prioritises security with features like secure sign-on and data encryption, protecting your information.


Customisable: Promethean’s solutions are adaptable, meeting the unique needs of every classroom.
At Duotone.ie, we help educators harness technology to create engaging learning environments. Our partnership with Promethean ensures you receive the best interactive technology available. Experience the future of education with Promethean and Duotone.ie. Contact us today to transform your classroom with innovative edtech solutions. Empower your teaching, inspire your students, and embrace the future of education with Promethean and Duotone.ie.

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