Top 10 Video Conference Equipment


1. Logitech Rally (Large Meeting Rooms)

Duotone Logitech Rally



· Rally’s 4K video camera works on its own or with modular USB peripherals.

· RightSense software enhances voice clarity, auto-frames faces and corrects tricky lighting.

· RightSight AI technology auto-pans/tilts/zooms for perfectly framed video.





2. Logitech Group (Mid-Large Meeting Rooms)

Duotone Logitech Group



· Autofocus High-precision lens automatically focuses on people and objects.

· 90° field of view with mechanical 260° pan and 130° tilt

· Conference participants can converse within a 6 m/20’ diameter around the speakerphone





3. Logitech TAP (Small, Medium and Large Rooms)


· 10.1-inch diagonal display with 14-degree angle display with anti-glare.

· Built-in motion sensor saves power when idle, and powers on when a person approaches.

· The sleek, fan-free design provides a comfortable 14° angle for easy reading while creating space for connections, cables, and retention mechanisms.




4. Logitech Meet-Up (Small Meeting Rooms)


Duotone Logitech Meet-Up

· 4K Ultra HD Camera with 5x HD Zoom.

· Full range speaker system.

· Motorised Lens with Pan/Tilt abilities.



5. Barco ClickShare (Any size room)

Duotone Barco ClickShare


· Laptops can connect via USB Button of Collaboration App, while smartphones and tablets can connect via Mobile Apps.

· As first wireless collaboration technology to obtain ISO 27001 Safety Certification.

· Regular updates and several tools at your disposal to help maintain the quality and security of your meeting collaboration hardware.



6. Huddly IQ (Small Meeting Room)

Duotone Huddly IQ (Small Meeting Room)



· Genius Framing, the IQ can detect the people in its 150° wide-angle field of view and respond by automatically framing them.

· Auto-adjusts to your lighting conditions so you’ll always look your best, no matter where you are.

· Plug and Play ability. Easy to use.




7. Logitech Connect (Home Office / Small Meeting Room)


Duotone Logitech Connect



· 90° field of view with digital pan/tilt and mechanical tilt control.

· 360° Audio with 12-foot diameter range provide a quality experience so that users can hear and be heard within 12-foot.

· Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity can quickly and easily create a connection between any Bluetooth device and the integrated speakerphone.




8. Logitech BCC950 (Home Office / Small Meeting Room)

Duotone Logitech BCC950



· All in one Mobile solution.

· Omni-directional speaker and noise-cancelling microphone allow all meeting members to clearly hear and be heard up to 8 feet away.

· 78° Diagonal Viewing Angle with Plug and Play capabilities.




9. Huddly GO (Home Office / Small Meeting Room)

Duotone Huddly GO



· 150° Wide Angle Camera.

· 4x Digital Zoom with 3D Noise Reduction

· Plug and Play w USB-C or USB 3.0.




10. Logitech Huddle Room Kit with HP Elite Slice.

Duotone Logitech Huddle Room Kit with HP Elite Slice


· 4K Video Capabilities.

· Camera supports infrared facial recognition software for ultrafast and secure logins.

· Media-and-meeting-room-friendly keyboard with integrated touchpad and 33ft. wireless.



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