Exciting news at Duotone – introducing John Keegan, our new Field Sales Representative!

With over 5 years in computer retail, John is set to play a key role in connecting Duotone with clients nationwide.

John Keegan: A Tech Enthusiast

With a deep understanding of tech trends, customer needs, and a track record of success,

John is well-equipped to contribute to Duotone’s mission of making tech accessible.

Passionate and Personable

Beyond his technical prowess, John’s passion for technology and dedication to customer satisfaction set him apart.

He believes in delivering ongoing support and guidance.

On the Road with Duotone

As our Field Sales Rep, John will be hitting the road, bringing Duotone’s solutions directly to customers.

His hands-on approach and understanding of diverse needs make him an asset.

Building Connections

At Duotone, we prioritize human connections, and John Keegan embodies this philosophy.

His personable nature aligns seamlessly with our commitment to putting customers first.

Looking Forward

With John on board, we’re gaining not just a skilled professional but a partner in our mission to bridge the market gap.

Welcome to the Duotone team, John Keegan!

Stay tuned for updates as John takes on this new adventure.

His passion and expertise will contribute significantly to our continued success.

Why not drop him a email to say HI !!