Templemore College: Hybrid Classroom

Templemore College was founded as Templemore Vocational School in 1934, serving the community as a traditional vocational school.

In 1990, the school adopted the new name of St Sheelan’s College. However, in 1999, because of a reduction of post-primary enrolments, the decision was taken by North Tipperary VEC and the Department of Education and Science to develop the College as a Further Education College.

During the next few years the range of programmes available in the College increased, and in 2004 the phasing out of mainstream second level was complete with the graduation of the final Leaving Certificate class.


Noel Colleran

Templemore College for Further Education

“In-present teaching and additional support for staff were required to make optimal use of teaching time and resources. Duotone has provided us an opportunity to improve our current offering and enabled us to provide online programmes over the upcoming coming years”

Introducing the GoToMeeting & ViewSonic Viewboard (Interactive Whiteboard)


With the seemingly limitless potential for education these days, we no longer need to constrain educators or other faculty to a specific location for meetings. Whether you need to connect with a colleague at a sister campus or one who is running a study abroad trip, GoToMeeting seeks to make all communication frictionless.

For on-campus meetings, GoToMeeting’s In-Room Link allows institutions to use existing hardware for GoToMeeting in conference rooms – no need to buy new equipment or outfit a whole room. But if you don’t have the hardware (or are thinking about replacing what you currently have) try GoToRoom! Our out-of-the-box hardware and software bundle is easy to set up and comes with everything you need to host a great lecture, meeting, or conference.

Noel Colleran

Templemore College for Further Education

“We have limited technology in the classroom – Desktop computers and projectors which are non-effective during these times ‘Remote’ teaching and learning is now required because we cannot accommodate all students in college because of the 2 – meter distancing. The ‘Hybrid Classroom’ aims to solve this problem for us.”

ViewSonic Viewboard

A centrepiece for collaboration, ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive displays deliver incredible interactive capabilities for 21st-century classrooms. Featuring huge touchscreens, ViewBoard displays let multiple users write, edit, and draw onscreen for dynamic presentations and creative brainstorming. Our Professional Development sessions deliver in-depth training to help you master and maximize your ViewBoard display and myViewBoard software – making teaching easier for you, and learning more exciting and engaging for your students.

Noel Colleran

A few months after Installation, Noel wrote to us and said;

“The service provided by Duotone has been excellent – from first making contact with the company – the information/briefing meetings and the advice. The installation and the professional support for our staff, and the assurance that support will be provided on an ongoing basis until we have the confidence to move on our own.

During the Covid -19 Pandemic

During the Covid -19 pandemic, the education sector has had to rapidly invest, adjust and learn to approach the classroom with a new outlook. As higher education becomes more and more globally connected, educators and students need to be empowered with the right technology to support today’s teaching and learning innovations. Universities worldwide are leveraging collaboration solutions to unleash the power of frictionless learning. Hybrid Classroom – the new way forward!

Noel Colleran

Templemore College for Further Education

On the basis of our experience in Templemore College, I would recommend Duotone to do the job professionally”