Digital signage doesn’t just refer to the big, wayfinding screens you may see at shopping centres. There are actually plenty of digital signage solutions to suit all ranges of businesses and locations; from more modest display boards like those found in airports, to big video walls that broadcast advertisements.

At Duotone, we offer a variety of digital signage solutions, with the three most popular being:

● LED walls

● Indoor signage

● Outdoor signage

Our LED walls, which feature an interactive touch display, are able to play video content at a stunning 4K UHD resolution. If you have ever wandered around Piccadilly Circus in London, or seen Times Square, you’ll be familiar with these bright, eye-catching wall displays.

Provided by Samsung, the LED wall displays are most commonly used for advertisements, videos at live events or even backgrounds in TV or movies. If you’re looking at creating a big impact in a large area, LED walls might be the solution for you.

Digital signage is suited for both indoor and outdoor use, with Duotone’s products provided by top technology retailers such as LG, NEC and Samsung. This means that the digital signage supplied by Duotone is the best quality; capable of being used outdoors throughout the seasons and indoors where it meets the hands of countless people daily.

Whether you’re looking to fill an outdoor space or having something specially made to suit indoors (such as a foray, retail space or hotel), Duotone can offer a solution that’ll be perfect for your consumers– providing 24-hour reliable usage, for whatever information you need to share.

With Duotone’s leasing option, you can get your new digital signage in place and installed for as little as €30 a month. Get in touch with our friendly team at the Duotone office, who will be happy to answer all your questions and provide a no-obligation quote.